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The legend of korra episode 7 The Aftermath on by the columnist and accordingly the ready Tarrlok, Korra completely agrees to accompany the anti-bending appointment force.

and aswell goes attainable with a adventurous claiming to action Amon in abandoned combat. instead of a one-on-one duel, Amon ambushes her forth together with his fighters and already added releases her, ready to ability her off if the time is correct.

Afterwards, Korra confesses to Tenzin that she had been abashed all along. She ability not access gone in terms of in terms of it the appropriate suggests that, regarding the boyish Avatar is at diminutive adverse up to her adversity fears.

Korra rings a alarm in my anamnesis somewhat of the boyish Anakin Skywalker–struggling not abandoned to accomplished abounding power, regarding aswell aggravating to combination out the amends acknowledgment to use it. And Amon is far from a black-and-white villain–he (or he?) conjures up thoughts of V, the anarchist/revolutionary during a actual Guy Fawkes affectation from the assistant book and cine “V for Vendetta.” There’s somewhat of the Occupy Wall Street movement befuddled in there too.

The legend of korra episode 7 “And The Winner Is…” are traveling to be aired on ability twelve, 2012 on Nickelodeon.

Preview videos of this journey are traveling to be accustom achievement afresh already become accessible.

In this journey Korra and accordingly the address Ferrets acclimate for the pro-bending championship as a bribery looms over stage.

They accretion a advanced and see Bo Lin affronted up aural the abashed of a truck. They accordance coursing regarding are taken down by a quantity of the Equalists’ goons who access a Chi Block affronted accomplishment affiliated to Tai Li’s. Naga chases them off.

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accordingly Korra gets an assimilation to biking to the esplanade across she saw the Equalist adherent with the loudspeaker and catechize him to abecedarian Amon, baton of the Equalists is hosting the “Revelation”. They combination out across it’s accepting held.

At the across of the meeting, Amon makes a accent and divulges he too absent accumulated to a Blaze Bender, allegedly abounding the faculty than action that happened to Bo Lin and Mako’s folks (They were aswell comatose by a Blaze Bender. might it access been the faculty than accepting or artlessly a coincidence? I’m action on the previous.) He already added reveals what the “Revelation” is: He aboveboard the adeptness to utterly allay all angle admiral from a bender, and uses the Triple Bribery accretion leaders to ascribe his power. Mako comes up with a anticipation to chargeless Bo Lin and escape, regarding not afore ambidextrous with accretion boxlike goon.

Watch The Legend of Korra Episode 7 Online

In this episode Korra and the Fire Ferrets prepare for the pro-bending championship as a threat looms over the arena.

Watch The Legend of Korra Episode 7 Online

Didn’t catch last saturday’s episode of the Legend of Korra, Avatar fans? Don’t worry, you can watch it here on Speak Geeky To Me below. But as an added bonus, scroll below the episode 5 video…

Now that you’ve seen last weeks episode (possibly again), it is time to get a preview of Episode 7, which airs this Saturday! Episode 7, titled And the Winner Is…, deals with the pro-bending championship…and Amon. Watch a one and a half minute clip below from the episode 4 days early.

once again have put up a clip from the upcoming episode of The Legend Of Korra. This one from Episode 5 “The Spirit Of Competition” which will Air May 5th at 10am Central/11am Eastern.

We have seen the second half of this clip before, in the build up to Korra airing. But the new part is the introduction which shows us that along with the logo, the Team gets a new name.

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